How to add 1,300 hours of exercise during the school year?

iWall at School

Congratulations to the schools with the most exercise and joy of movement!

iWall is already moving children and young people in a hundred schools. According to the statistics, the Isokylä School in Kokkola is the most moving school in Finland, considering the exercises done on the iWall interactive gaming wall.Here’s the list of the most moving schools during the 2023-2024 school year:

  1. Isokylä School, Kokkola 
  2. Jyväskylä Christian School 
  3. Tupos School 
  4. Kivimaa School, Community Centre Aarre 
  5. Veromäki School 
  6. Salonpää School 
  7. Edvin Laine School 
  8. Petäjävesi Secondary School 
  9. Pyhäntä School 
  10. Eurajoki Central School  & Liminganlahti School 


The most moving school reached remarkable numbers: Almost 1,300 hours of exercise were spent at Isokylä school during the 2023-2024 school year. Want to know more? Keep reading.


How iWall Promotes Physical Activity in Schools

Incorporating physical activity into students’ daily routines is essential for their health and well-being. iWall transforms how schools approach physical education and activity. Here’s how iWall is making a difference:


Small Group Activities:

iWall can be seamlessly integrated into lesson plans, allowing students to engage in small group activities. This setup promotes teamwork and collaboration and ensures that students receive personalized attention and encouragement to stay active.


Teachers are enthusiastic about using brief, active gaming sessions on the iWall interactive gaming wall as a reward for completing specific tasks during lessons. These short, engaging breaks help students stay more focused and motivated to learn.

During Recess:

Recess is an excellent opportunity for students to unwind and engage in physical activity. With iWall, schools can transform recess into a more structured and dynamic time for movement. It provides a variety of activities that cater to different interests, ensuring that all students have the chance to be active during their break.



iWall is revolutionizing physical activity in schools by making it more engaging, accessible, and effective. By integrating iWall into lessons, recess, and after-school programs, schools can provide a comprehensive approach to physical education that benefits all students. The positive impact of increased physical activity on students’ health, focus, and social interactions makes iWall an invaluable tool for modern education. 


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