CSE Partner Portal

CSE Cloud Portal

At CSE, we are dedicated to continuously developing new products and features to meet our clients’ diverse needs.


Gain maximum usage and customer retention

One valuable tool we offer is our partner portal, where clients can adjust games, and opening times, and access comprehensive usage and player statistics. By adjusting opening times and monitoring usage data, the venue can maximize attraction usage and improve customer retention. Through the player statistics feature, clients can view player sessions and minutes for each product and game. Interestingly, one client has reached an impressive record of 1500 player sessions on iWall in a single day!


Access the CSE Partner Portal

Start using the portal today! If you already have a CSE Attraction, but have no access to CSE Partner Portal, we ask you kindly to contact our support at support(a)cse.is. If you don’t yet have our attraction but want to have one, our sales are there for you: sales(a)cse.is.


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