Exergaming products

Make an impact that moves!

Active education
in small space

The products are for commercial use only.

iWall 3.0

iWall provides unique exergaming experiences for the pupils. It can be used before and after the school day, in class, and during recess. Quick, high intensity exercise during the day has been proven to increase pupils’ concentration levels. iWall can make passive children more active. It works great for anyone regardless of age, background, gender, or ability.

iWall is equitable and sensory-friendly experience for pupils with impairments and disablities. 

cycloBEAT 3.0

cycloBEAT is an action-packed cycling experience. It provides cycling activities for up to 4 players at the same! Fast-paced games raise heart rate and include cognitive challenges.

With the new addition of buttons, pupils can now roam in the open world or do tricks at the track. Safe and exiting indoor activity!

runBEAT 3.0

runBEAT effortlessly combines non-motorized treadmills with exergaming. With runBEAT, pupils can test their limits independently or share their running experience with others.

tapWall 3.0

tapWall is for the youngest kids. tapWall includes games that develop reaction speed, coordination, memory, and more. It provides motivating learning experiences for the younger kids from 4-year-olds.

We specialize in creating a positive exergaming experience as a part of every school day!