Promoting Inclusivity and Equality Through Active Gaming

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Active gaming, the exciting blend of gaming and physical activity, has been promoting inclusivity and equality among people of all ages and abilities since 2017, when our first attractions were installed at SuperPark activity parks. It’s not just about breaking a sweat; it’s about breaking down barriers, fostering togetherness, and sharing the joy of movement. In the context of Family Entertainment Centers (FECs), active gaming serves as a powerful tool to enhance inclusivity and equality.


A Unifying Experience

Active gaming offers a unique platform where unexpected pairs of participants come together to engage in races, challenges, and adventures, such as those on the iWall. This unconventional coming together goes beyond the bounds of physical activity—it’s a powerful way to nurture tolerance, understanding of differences, and crucial social skills like interaction and forming friendships. Whether it’s a child who finds working in a group challenging or someone seeking meaningful interactions, active gaming provides an accessible avenue for socializing, leading to feelings of joy, belonging, and shared success.

Even in moments of waiting for their turn, kids line up together, building a sense of community and togetherness that’s as easy to experience alone, with a friend, or with the help of an assistant.



Embracing All Abilities

iWall, one of the innovative active gaming products, shines in its capacity to be inclusive. It’s shown to be great for special needs groups, getting feedback that it really improves equality and inclusivity. While players may vary significantly in their skill levels, iWall effectively brings people together, irrespective of their capabilities. It eliminates the boundaries that can segregate different groups and creates a more inclusive and harmonious environment.


Diverse Interests and Abilities

Active gaming isn’t just about leveling the playing field in terms of abilities; it’s also a way to bridge gaps among people with varying interests and backgrounds. Our dynamic attractions engage individuals from all walks of life, promoting unity and cohesion. Regardless of age, background, or gender, active gaming creates opportunities for team building and encourages casual yet meaningful encounters across various age groups.

For example, in our award-winning cycloBEAT 3.0 games (IAAPA Brass Ring Awards 2023), players pedal on stationary bikes through various environments, immersing themselves in a world where fitness meets fun. While cycloBEAT 3.0 represents cutting-edge technology, its value extends far beyond. It’s part of the solution to global inactivity challenges and provides equitable activities that enhance the well-being of everyone. Out another active gaming product, runBEAT 3.0, allows friends of different fitness levels to run together at their own pace. runBEAT provides challenges in various games and tests in a fun way and is suitable for different abilities.


Fostering a More Inclusive Community

The impact of active gaming goes beyond individual experiences; it extends to the community. These games remove boundaries between different groups, promoting an environment that is more inclusive and harmonious. Participants, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities, come together, share in the joy of movement, and celebrate equality. Active gaming offers an inclusive experience open to everyone, ensuring that no one is left behind.

Active gaming has the power to unite both newcomers and recurrent players, fostering connections and friendships among participants of all skill levels. It’s a shared experience transcending individual differences, encouraging people to come together and have fun as a collective community. Through active gaming, it is possible to enhance a welcoming environment for all, promoting a sense of togetherness that grows with each interaction. A vibrant and inclusive community can develop as more people join the fun. In this community, everyone can experience the advantages of active gaming, enhance their social skills, and rejoice in shared accomplishments.

Active gaming doesn’t just bring individuals closer; it brings communities together, ensuring that everyone can participate, connect, and have fun, no matter what their background or abilities.


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