iWall 3.0 - develop versatile skills

With the help of iWall, hours of voluntary physical activity are added to elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities.




iWall is used versatilely during lessons and breaks, as well before and after school. iWall also works during waiting times, in transition situations, and as a morning and evening activity.

Thanks to automatic and regular updates iWall has maintained its popularity throughout the years.


With the help of iWall, a corridor, lobby or other public space can be used efficiently and turned into an exergaming area. In many schools’ sports clubs, club operators and other school stakeholders use iWall when it is not in use by the students.

With the help of iWall equality is increased because limitations in physical, psychological, or social functioning do not prevent playing.


Thanks to its versatile and motivating games, teachers are able to use iWall in many ways to activate the students and form small group activities. Playing with iWall can be a reward for completing a set of tasks and it also organizes a break exercise that promotes learning.   

iWall can be used in different ways to activate students to move together, regardless of age or skill level. The rotation of the games is fast, so there are going to be hours of physical activity during the school day. 


iWall has been scientifically proven to develop physical skills and capabilities. It offers pupils and students the opportunity to choose a form of exercise according to their own skill level. Exergames help release energy during the school day and focus on the pedagogical part of the lessons.

Exergames are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender, skills or fitness level. While playing, mobility skills are developed, and social relationships and a sense of community are strengthened.

Technical Specifications

iWall needs only 2.7 x 3.3 m (9 x 11 feet) space.

Width 2,7 m x Height 1,9m x Depth 0,27 m.
Width: 8,89 ft, Height: 6,36 ft, Depth: 0,88 ft.

iWall is a complete solution with big screens, a motion sensor and a game area mat. Screens are covered with tempered safety glass and the cabinet structure is aluminum. We are an official DELL OEM partner since 2016.

iWall is designed for public areas and is designed for 24/7 use. It can be left unattended. The screens are covered with tempered safety glass and the cabinet structure is aluminum.

Global next business day support is available in 170 countries. Remote support in English is available for fast support.

iWall is a fully automatic system. New game content and feature updates are downloaded automatically. iWall automatically turns on in the morning and turns off in the evening. There’s no need for staff to operate.

Turn-key delivery and installation: no renovation needed. One common power socket needed, all voltage grids are supported 100-240V 50/60Hz.

iWall supports multiple languages: English, Finnish, French, Japanese, Italian and German.

An intuitive user interface is designed for autonomical usage. No touching or controllers are needed—no need for staff to operate. Short videos in the menu and game loading screens are showing how to play. Games also has build-in tutorials to show how to play.

Since 2017 when the first iWalls were installed, we have worked continuously to make it even better. iWall has very advanced background systems which take care that product uptime is close to 100%. iWall sends its health status every day to our maintenance team, and they are ready to assist quickly when it’s needed.

Interacting with iWall is entirely based on the body movements of the player, which are monitored by a motion sensor. The product does not rely on a touchscreen or other controls.

The game content is versatile. Fast-paced games like Parkour and Street Racing develop your cardiovascular health. Games like Shadow Master develop your balance and body control. You are always in motion while playing, but what is more important is that everyone is having fun!


iWall is suitable for all ages from 4 years old and there is no weight limit. Even people with disabilities can play most of the games. We aim to help people of all backgrounds, genders, ages, and abilities to be more active.

Playing iWall is easy – no controllers are needed! Players body is the game controller.

Exergaming from Finland

Did you know that iWall has been moving students since 2017? All product and game development of iWall and production is carried out in Kajaani, Finland.

Developing versatile skills

Playing with iWall has been proven to develop children's motor skills, equivalent to medium- and effective exercise, and to promote social interaction between different grade levels.


iWall gathers students together regardless of limitations or sensory impairments. Several iWall games also work when played from a wheelchair.


iWall comes with plenty of entertaining games preinstalled and new content is developed actively. All the games contain a variety of difficulty levels: the easiest levels for beginners and higher levels with challenges to recurrent exergamers.

We update your unit regularly via cloud service to keep it fresh and to give players more games and features to enjoy each time they come back.

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