The Impact of Active Gaming in the Learning Environment

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In the master’s thesis of Henri Sironen and Anssi Tornberg, graduates from the technology-oriented teacher training program at the University of Oulu, titled Students Toward a More Active Lifestyle – Teachers’ Views and Experiences of Utilizing the iWall Active Gaming Wall as a Physical Education Tool, the iWall active gaming wall was found to be a motivating device for both gaming and physical activity. The results are inspiring, indicating that iWall is not just a device but a key to awakening and reinforcing students’ active lifestyles and developing diverse movement skills. Teachers interviewed for the thesis share their experiences regarding the positive effects of iWall on students’ motivation to move, the development of motor skills, and the power of gamification. These observations demonstrate how innovation in the learning environment can transform attitudes towards physical education.


Physical Activity Motivation

Teachers unanimously agree that iWall has a significant impact on students’ motivation for physical activity. It is not merely an exercise tool but a gateway to a more active lifestyle. Motivation to engage with iWall is immense, especially among younger students. As an easily accessible physical activity space, iWall offers every student the opportunity to participate and enjoy movement in their own chosen way. iWall is noted to motivate both self- and goal-oriented students, with its diverse games and challenges catering to everyone. iWall doesn’t exclude anyone but inspires individuals of all skill levels to discover the joy of physical activity.


Impact on Social Inclusion

According to experiences, social inclusion is a major motivational factor. iWall creates an environment where students feel they belong to something larger. This effect allows iWall to build a sense of community and encourage students to surpass their limits together. iWall enables two students to play simultaneously, and other students can participate by cheering or moving along with the game.


Development of Motor Skills

According to the interviewed teachers, iWall is not just about fun and games; it significantly enhances motor skills in various aspects. Unconscious learning is central, and iWall supports existing motor skills. It not only strengthens physical motor skills but also highlights psychological and social motor skills. Although the transferability of these skills to other learning environments couldn’t be confirmed based on this thesis, it’s evident that iWall is a versatile tool for promoting motor skills.


Impact of Gamified Physical Education

Teachers utilizing iWall as a physical education tool report significant positive effects on daily school life. Scoreboards and competitiveness prove to be effective motivators. Teachers see that, through iWall, games not only increase an individual student’s interest in physical activity but also foster a sense of community. Gaming takes center stage, and physical activity becomes a natural part of a meaningful gamified experience.

iWall inspires, connects, and grows. Let’s continue this exciting journey towards more active and joyful learning propelled by iWall!


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