Inclusivity and Equality in Active Parks: A Conversation with Sigourney Weathers

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In the realm of active parks and community engagement, inclusivity, equality, and diversity are of paramount importance. However, not all service providers share the same vision, leading to a fascinating diversity in their approach to social responsibility. To uncover this multifaceted landscape, we turn to Sigourney Weathers, a therapist at All in Gym Training Co, who sheds light on the nuances of inclusivity and equality. The landscape of inclusivity, equality, and diversity within active parks and the community varies across service providers. Sigourney Weathers offers a thought-provoking perspective, inviting us all to embark on a transformative journey toward a future where trampoline and indoor activity parks are truly inclusive and equal for everyone.


Leading the Way: All in Gym Training Co and Sky Zone

“A closer look at the websites of various trampoline park providers reveals a significant variation in the level of emphasis placed on social responsibility, particularly in terms of inclusivity and equality. While there is work to be done within the trampoline park community to address the needs of the 25% of the U.S. population with disabilities, some providers are setting an inspiring example” says Sigourney Weathers. Among them, All in Gym Training Co and Sky Zone stand out for their proactive efforts to bridge the gap and make trampolining and related activities accessible to people of all abilities.

All in Gym Training Co and Sky Zone have recognized the importance of inclusivity and equality, especially when it comes to individuals with diverse physical abilities. Sky Zone, for instance, has introduced sensory play events at select locations, demonstrating their dedication to providing a more inclusive environment. Both operators’ commitment is evident in their actions.

“All in Gym Training Co’s focus is making the trampoline industry truly inclusive, equal, and accessible for all. We offer training and education to make sure that professionals working in the field have the expertise needed to serve people with disabilities and diverse needs, too. The goal of certified training courses and educational programs is to ensure professionals have the tools to aid in the motor and cognitive development, sensory regulation, and overall well-being of people with disabilities” Weathers continues.



A Growing Recognition of Social Responsibility

In the trampoline park and gymnastics industry the focus on social responsibility, inclusion, and diversity is gradually gaining recognition. The sports world does have an organization known as Safe Sport, which focuses on creating a mentally and physically safe environment for athletes. While it primarily centers on safety, it aligns with the broader goal of inclusivity.

According to Weathers, “It is essential to highlight that the negative connotation sometimes associated with trampoline parks in the U.S. may have contributed to the reluctance of other inclusive organizations to promote them. For instance, organizations like Special Olympics and para-sport organizations do not formally recognize trampolining as a sport.”

However, All in Gym Training Co stands as a notable exception in this regard. They actively seek out facilities for gymnastics and trampoline and adventure parks to promote inclusion because they firmly believe that all individuals, regardless of their abilities, should have access to sports and physical activities. Their commitment to inclusivity and equality sets an inspiring example and offers a roadmap for the trampoline park industry to become more inclusive and accommodating to diverse stakeholder groups, regardless of physical abilities, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, age brackets, genders, or sexual minorities.

As the industry gradually shifts its focus towards social responsibility and inclusivity, these efforts create a more inclusive environment for everyone, fostering equality and diversity within active parks.



Sigourney Weathers, PT, DPT, Therapeutic Trampoline Specialist

Sigourney equips professionals with the knowledge and skills to implement therapeutic trampolining techniques, fostering an inclusive community that empowers individuals with disabilities. She has 30+ years of gymnastics and trampoline experience, 6+ years of clinical pediatric physical therapy experience, 4+ years of therapeutic trampoline experience.


All in Gym Training Co

We empower gymnastics facilities and coaches with the tools and guidance to foster confidence, support your community, build relationships, create a home away from home, and make gymnastics access-ABLE to ALL!


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