New cycloBEAT Game: cycloKart

Welcome to the world of cycloKART, where indoor cycling meets thrilling racing action!

In this new game, players can immerse themselves in a dynamic and competitive experience while getting an intense workout on indoor cycling equipment.

Choose your animal character as your driver and get ready to conquer various challenging terrains and race against other players. From the swift kangaroo called Kanka Kyle to the powerful bull Sonny B, each animal character brings its unique strengths and abilities to the race.


cycloKART offers a variety of exciting race tracks set in different environments, including beautiful sunny beaches, majestic Alps, and the fast-paced speedway in Japan. Feel the adrenaline rush as you pedal your way through winding paths, steep hills, and unexpected obstacles.

But the real challenge doesn’t end with just speed and agility. In cycloKART, players can strategically use items collected from boxes scattered along the road to gain an edge over their competitors. Whether it’s deploying speed boosts or launching obstacles to hinder opponents, every decision counts in the race to the finish line.

Compete against friends in multiplayer mode or test your skills in solo races against AI opponents. With different characters and levels, cycloKART caters to players of all levels!

So, saddle up, choose your animal avatar, and get ready to pedal your way to victory in cycloKART – where the thrill of racing meets the intensity of indoor cycling!


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