We are the IAAPA Brass Ring Award Winners!

IAAPA Brass Ring Awards 2023 CSE Entertainment

Our company was internationally recognized with a prestigious attractions industry award in Orlando on November 15, 2023. Our indoor-cycling attraction cycloBEAT 3.0, won the Best Product category in the Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality series at the IAAPA Brass Ring Awards competition. The award ceremony, IAAPA Honors, took place on March 3, 2024, in Las Vegas.

cycloBEAT is one of our five active gaming attractions. The common factor among all these attractions is the entertaining exercise experience and inclusivity. These products cater to five different customer groups, offering a wide range of exercise content for various purposes. The key focus is on providing a positive exercise experience for everyone, regardless of age, skill level, or fitness level.

cycloBEAT 3.0 - Exciting Indoor-Cycling Activity


According to the IAAPA Brass Ring Awards judges, cycloBEAT motivates physical activity and promotes well-being, which is rare in the attractions industry. The judges noted that cycloBEAT uniquely combines technology and stands out from all other VR/AR products. The product utilizes an exercise bike as a game controller, and the judges were impressed by the diverse range of game content CSE has managed to create for a bike-controlled interface. Additionally, the judges highlighted the product’s non-violent gaming content, setting it apart from many other products in the industry.

“This victory is a significant recognition that gives us additional energy to continue our work in the intersection of exercise and technology. The award belongs to every member of our team who has made this possible,” stated CEO Veli-Matti Nurkkala.

Winning this notable award is a celebration of our passion and innovation in the exergaming world! In cycloBEAT 3.0 games, players pedal on recumbent bikes through various environments, immersing themselves in a world where fitness meets fun. While cycloBEAT 3.0 represents cutting-edge technology, its value extends far beyond. It’s part of the solution to global challenges of physical inactivity and provides equitable activities that enhance the well-being of everyone.

We’re proud to receive such recognition and are thrilled to continue revolutionizing the way you exercise and have fun at the same time. Join us in celebrating this fantastic achievement!



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