See you at the Educa Fair 2024!

We are attending the Educa 2024 Fair on January 26–27, 2024, at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre. Come and explore our products, and learn how, among other things, students’ focus and learning outcomes can be improved through active gaming.



Who has the most motivating way to get children moving?


Hearts race and sweat beads form as children and youth have fun in the school lobby. A group of students from different classes gathers around the iWall, engaging in fun but also strengthening self-esteem, building community, and promoting well-being.

The most motivating way to get children moving is a form of exercise that the child chooses, where they experience feelings of success and return to it again and again.


Making movement a habit, not a must – How to turn it into a lifestyle?


It’s essential to make physical activity a natural part of children and young people’s daily lives. Organize playful competitions and create community events that inspire children and youth to move together! Who could resist the idea that physical activity becomes the day’s highlight?

Positive physical experiences in the school environment contribute to the formation of exercise habits. Teachers can inspire students to move during the school day by setting an example and providing impetus for the formation of exercise habits. We previously wrote about the formation of exercise habits and the significant role the environment plays in it (read more).



Towards holistic well-being – The power of exercise for a lifetime


By encouraging children and young people to move, we encourage them towards a balanced and energetic life. This can be achieved without increasing PE classes or extensive renovations. We have the means to add hundreds of physical exercises to the school day provenly.

Every year, we read about the declining physical fitness of children and youth. Now is the time to shake up traditional ideas and tackle the challenges of inactivity from new perspectives. So, challenge yourself and your colleagues – now or never, let’s take action! Let’s create opportunities for children and young people to move.

In the video below, you can learn more about active gaming.
See you at Educa at our booth 6r3!



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