Tests & Competitions

Tracks: from 60 m to 5000 m 

runBEAT’s diverse track options offer an exciting opportunity for all fitness enthusiasts to engage in competitive running. With track lengths varying from 60 meters to 5000 meters, users can challenge themselves or others in a friendly yet stimulating race. The goal is simple: be the first to cross the finish line.

Years of experience in exergaming have shown that a playful competitive environment not only motivates individuals to improve their running performance but also significantly boosts heart rate and provides a socially enriching workout experience. runBEAT’s track variations cater to all fitness levels, encouraging users to push their limits in a fun and engaging way.



6 min Walking Test (6MWT) and Cooper test 

The 6 min Walking Test (6MWT) and Cooper Test in runBEAT allow users to accurately measure their endurance and assess their maximal oxygen consumption. These tests provide reliable results and offer the added benefit of comparing individual performance against normative data for different age and gender groups. The Cooper Test, in particular, is recognized as an engaging challenge that motivates users to push their aerobic capacity to new heights.

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