Making an impact that moves since 2012.


We have designed and manufactured world-class interactive fitness equipment since 2012. Today we operate in over 45 countries, and our products have already inspired and moved millions of people worldwide.

For many years, our primary focus was on transforming traditional cardio equipment into more fun and engaging gaming experience. Our first product on the market was Athene Exergaming (2013) which placed in second place at the FIBO Innovation & Trends Awards in 2014. Athene was a universal software for cardio equipment that gamified running or biking into an immersive fitness experience. Athene Exergaming was embedded as part of the Pulse Fitness interactive cardio series in 2018.

Since then, we have designed and manufactured multiple world-class fitness gaming products that have been recognized by FIBO innovation awards and fitness industry leaders. One of the most successful exergaming products is iWall, which we released already in 2017. iWall has been installed in hundreds of locations in 45 different countries and is used by millions of players every year.

In 2018 we launched an innovative fitness game, runBEAT, with the cooperation of Korean fitness equipment manufacturer DRAX. runBEAT was also FIBO innovation award nominee in 2018. The cooperation with DRAX continued with the release of the cycling product cycloBEAT in 2021.

Our exergaming products are well known for immersive and engaging content. In 2019 we started delivering the Fitness Gaming Zone® concept that consists of the full range of the CSE Exergaming products.

2022 marks the year when we officially release the competitive aspect of our fitness games. Active eSport® will combine the exergaming and fitness gaming industry into one global competitive sport.


We believe joy and movement are the fundamental rights of everyone. Our games put everyone on the same level and create a natural desire to exercise, ranging from the family’s youngest members to the adults.

The more active people are, the healthier and more competitive society is. We offer entertaining exercise experiences and a sense of strength and ability to everyone, children, teens, and adults.

We have changed people’s perception of exercise and training. Our products promote well-being, maintain health, and learn new skills.

Thank you for being part of making an impact that moves!

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Our Services

Our services are used widely in family entertainment, fitness, education, and rehabilitation. We bring joy and movement for millions of people around the world!

CSE is

What impact we make?

We aim to make everyone smile and enjoy their daily dose of movement at the wellness or fitness club. We want to help our clients to maximize the value and use of space, and to make exercising a special experience with Active eSport®!


We offer entertaining exercise experiences and a sense of strength and ability to everyone, children and seniors alike. Our games are designed to bring a sense and feeling of success to everyone.

Joy of movement

Joy is the most motivating feeling people can bring to the people around them. Through entertaining exercise, we provide activities where the joy of the movement unites people.

Around the globe

We have been providing exergaming products since 2012 and operate in more than 40 countries around the globe. By 2025, our products and services will have provided more than 400 million exergame sessions worldwide.

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CSE Simulation Ltd is known around the world as a pioneer in products that combine exercise and games. We already operate in more than 45 countries and we have inspired and moved millions of people around the world. Browse to see other segments: