iWall 3.0

iWall is a perfect fit for gyms and wellness clubs.



iWall is suitable for all ages, offering hours of exergaming activities. All games are controlled with body motion, eliminating the need for buttons, wearables, or game controllers. iWall offers versatile workouts, allowing you to use it for warm-ups, coordination improvement, and as an efficient cardio exercise. 

Benefits for owners

iWall is easy and effortless to operate. It´s fully automatic and needs no staff to operate. We will keep it up to date with regular and automatic updates. You can manage game content, statistics, and marketing tools easily on the cloud service. iWall is designed to be inclusive and suitable for all ages. There’s no weight limit, and it’s accessible to users of all abilities, including those with disabilities – everyone can enjoy it! 

benefits for users

iWall combines fun and fitness, offering diverse exergaming workouts for every fitness level. From honing coordination to boosting cardio, it provides a unique and engaging fitness experience for all ages. Stay motivated with its variety of games and challenges.  

Technical Specifications

iWall requires only 2.7 x 3.3 m (9 x 11 feet) of space. 
Dimensions: Width 2.7 m x Height 1.9 m + 0.27 m

iWall is a complete solution with large screens and a motion sensor. Screens are covered with tempered safety glass, and the cabinet structure is made of aluminium. We’ve been an official DELL OEM partner since 2016.

Since 2017 when the first iWall were installed, we have worked continuously to make it even better. iWall has very advanced background systems which take care the product and the uptime is close to 100%. iWall sends its health status every day to our maintanance team, and they are ready to assist quickly when it’s needed.

iWall is a fully automatic system with large screens and a motion sensor. It automatically turns on in the morning and off in the evening. No staff operation is required.

We offer global next-business-day support in 170 countries. Remote support in English is available for quick assistance.

iWall is designed for public areas and 24/7 usage. It can be left unattended. The screens are protected with tempered safety glass, and the cabinet structure is aluminium.

iWall is a worry-free solution. It is a fully automatic system with big screens and motion sensor. There’s no need for staff to operate. 

Turn-key delivery and installation: no renovation needed. Only a standard power socket is required; all voltage grids from 100-240V 50/60Hz are supported.

The intuitive user interface is designed for autonomous use. No touching or controllers are necessary. No staff operation required.

iWall supports multiple languages, including English, Finnish, French, Chinese, Italy Japanese, and German.

Besides having iWall as an added activity or included with the venue’s admission fee, it can also be monetized using various industry-standard card readers.

iWall can be custom-taped to match your brand visual identity— desired colors, icons, etc. However, the iWall logo must remain visible, retaining its original size and location as shown in the pictures on this site.


iWall is suitable for all ages, starting from 4 years old, and there is no weight limit. Even people with disabilities can play most of the games. We aim to encourage people of all backgrounds, genders, ages, and abilities to be more active. 

Playing iWall is easy – no controllers are required! The player’s body acts as the game controller. 


iWall offers a fresh approach to warm-ups and workouts. Playing iWall is easy and fun!

For the whole family

iWall provides fun for the whole family and also gives parents time to workout while kids delight in iWall's playful exergaming.


iWall is a fully automatic system with big screens and motion sensor. There’s no need for staff to operate.


With iWall, fitness becomes a blast! We’ve loaded it with games that are great for warming up, cooling down, or an engaging workout. No special equipment or staff assistance needed – just dive in and play.

There are almost 20 diverse games available, suitable for beginners to experienced players. And we keep things fresh: regular updates bring new games and exciting features, ensuring every visit is a unique experience.

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