CSE Fitness

We offer complete exergaming solutions for the health, fitness and leisure industry.

Make fitness fun!

Diverse game content, accessibility, and compact size make our gamified fitness solutions the best fit for fitness & wellness clubs. The products are for commercial use only.

runBEAT 3.0

Test / Develop / Compete

runBEAT effortlessly combines non-motorized treadmills with Active eSport®. This gamified treadmill is a versatile tool for both individual and small group training (2-4 treadmills).

runBEAT has a wide range of different tests, competitions, and games. It is a safe and comfortable way to exercise. With the help of gamification, it is also motivating and keeps customers active.

With runBEAT players can train, compete and test their fitness level in a fun way!

iWall 3.0

Immersive Active eSport® experiences for the whole family

iWall fits all ages and has hours of exergaming activities available without wearables. For iWall there’s no weight limit.

All games are controlled with body motion: Running and jumping in a parkour obstacle course, and rhythm and dance moves required in a dance game.

iWall can be used for warm-up, to train coordination, and efficient cardio exercise. Training has never been so much fun!

cycloBEAT 3.0

Action-packed cycling experience

cycloBEAT provides cycling competitions for up to 4 players at the same time. Fast-paced games raise the heart rate. Buttons allow players to roam in the open world or do tricks on the tracks.

Indoor cycling has never been this much fun!