cycloBEAT 3.0 - the fun indoor cycling workout

cycloBEAT is an innovative fusion of fitness and entertainment for adults and teens. It provides a motivating indoor cycle challenge for individuals or groups.




cycloBEAT is adaptable for all ages, providing immersive indoor cycling sessions. Every ride transforms effort into game progress, eliminating traditional workout monotony. It offers diverse workouts, perfect for cardiovascular enhancement, pacing practice, and making exercise thrilling. 


cycloBEAT is effortless to operate and fully automated, allowing you to cater to a wider audience, from teens to adults. This interactive exergame introduces motorcycle racing into your fitness space, offering a fresh spin on traditional workouts. Its space-saving design fits seamlessly, whether you’re adding two or eight bikes. As a standout feature in any fitness center, cycloBEAT offers both staff and users an unmatched and engaging exercise experience.


cycloBEAT transforms indoor cycling into a fun gaming experience. Use the bike’s power to race in virtual worlds, making workouts or warm-ups more engaging. It’s not just about fitness – challenge friends, enjoy the competition, and make every ride a social event. Get fit and have fun at the same time with cycloBEAT.



Technical Specifications

2-4 bikes can be connected to one cycloBEAT system. The space needed for four bikes, the console, and the screen is only approximately 9 m^2 (96 ft^2). 

cycloBEAT is a complete solution with bikes, a large screen, and a console. Thanks to the recumbent bikes’ step-through design and handlebar, the product is easily accessible. We have been official DELL OEM partners since 2016. 

New game content and feature updates are downloaded automatically. Staff can change content with the click of a mouse and keep customers engaged and active.

cycloBEAT is designed for public areas and for heavy use. It can be left unattended. The console’s cabinet structure is made of aluminum. The wheel’s resistance is adjusted with magnetic resistance, which has no wearing parts. 

Global next business day support is available in 170 countries. For urgent matters, we also offer remote support during normal business hours (UTC +2).

cycloBEAT is a hassle-free solution. It comes as a fully automatic system with a large screen, bikes, and a console. It’s user-friendly, so there’s no need for staff to operate. 

cycloBEAT is a fully automatic system. New game content and feature updates are downloaded automatically. cycloBEAT automatically turns on in the morning and turns off in the evening.

An intuitive user interface is designed for users of all ages. No need for staff to operate. 

cycloBEAT supports multiple languages: English, Finnish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and German.

Turn-key delivery and installation: no renovations are required. cycloBEAT needs only one standard power socket and an internet connection. It’s compatible with all global power grids (AC 110-230V 50Hz/60Hz). 

Apart from having cycloBEAT as an add-on activity or usable with the admission fee of the venue, it can also be monetized using various industry-standard card readers. 

cycloBEAT can be custom-taped to match your brand design — desired colors, icons, etc. However, the cycloBEAT logo must remain visible and stay the same size and location as in the pictures on this site. 


cycloBEAT is perfect for children over 10 years old, teenagers, and young adults. The maximum user weight for cycloBEAT bikes is 345 lbs / 160 kg. 

Playing cycloBEAT is easy – choose a game from the console’s touchscreen, sit down, and pedal. The seat distance is adjustable. 

boost your workout

Elevate your fitness routine with action-packed cycling. Playing is so engaging that you won't even notice you're exercising!


cycloBEAT draws teens and kids into fitness with its exciting and modern approach.


Race virtually, compete with friends, and add a social thrill to your regular workout.


Dive into the immersive world of cycloBEAT’s high-quality fitness games. Each game is crafted to offer both fun and a physical challenge. Whether you’re racing on virtual tracks or mastering the art of strategic pedaling, it’s not always about speed — it’s about strategy and pacing.

Easy for users and hassle-free for operators, our games require no staff intervention or additional wearables. We continually update our game content through our cloud service, ensuring fresh challenges and new experiences to keep users engaged and coming back for more.

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