Add value for members and attract new customers

Our attractions can add value for existing members and attract new customers to a trampoline park and indoor playground in several ways. All our attractions encourages customer retention and helps to bring in new customers, and are designed for public areas and are easy and safe to use. Whether you want to add to existing attractions in your facility or are designing a new facility CSE attraction is the answer.


Exclusive for members only


A trampoline park can offer iWall or tapWall as a membership benefit, giving members exclusive access to the activity. This can be a great way to attract new members and retain existing ones. iWall is also a great addition to exclusive events for members and small groups like birthday parties. iWall can be positioned in a big Party Room where party people can enjoy the iWall and party snacks in peace. The venue can also utilize iWall for their party packages by dividing party guests into teams and having them compete against each other in a fun tournament-style competition. Whether it’s a Dance-off, Street Racing, Soccer Tournament, or Winter Olympics, iWall offers different games that are perfect for friendly competition.


iWall Attraction for Toddlers and small kids

Meaningful playtime for toddlers


iWall adds high-energy fun to a dedicated toddler area. It’s also perfect for toddler hours when parents and kids bond. tapWall activates both body and mind – it’s a great addition to a park for attracting the smallest kids. Parents can have peace of mind that their little ones have a blast, learn new skills, and stay active in a safe environment.



iWall Attraction for teenagers

Schools and community groups


Our attractions add value to after-school programs and school field trips. iWall and cycloBEAT, for example, fit perfectly into these programs promoting healthy and active lifestyles and well-being. iWall comes with 20 entertaining games and over 80 different levels preinstalled. The easiest levels are perfect for beginners and higher levels motivate recurrent players to challenge themselves. Everyone finds something fun and engaging while having fun with classmates!


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