Boosting Family Fun and Long-term Well-being with Active Gaming

In today’s digital age, where screens are often associated with passivity, there’s a revolutionary approach that’s changing the way children and teenagers stay active while having a blast – active gaming. In this blog, we’ll explore the diverse advantages of active gaming for children and young adults, all while examining the vital role of the FEC industry in this context. Let’s dive in and uncover how active gaming adds a delightful twist of entertainment to an active lifestyle while reducing immobility and enhancing well-being over the long term!


An Entertaining Path to Active Living


The World Health Organization (WHO) published physical activity recommendations in December 2020, emphasizing the need for kids to move briskly for at least an hour each day. However, it’s crucial to infuse this physical activity with joy and highlight the long-term benefits. In a world where screens often dominate, we must find ways to make physical activity fun. To overcome the disadvantages of sitting and passive screen time, it’s essential to encourage movement during the day.

To promote an active and entertaining lifestyle that reduces immobility and improves well-being over time, we must find ways to translate research and knowledge into action. Active gaming is an excellent way to foster active and dynamic environments within entertainment attractions.

Active Gaming or Exergames, short for “exercise games,” are a powerful tool for promoting a healthy lifestyle among kids and teens. These engaging activities not only make moving enjoyable, but also provide numerous physical, mental, and social benefits.


Turning Fun into Fitness and Wellness


Alarming trends show that some kids and teens consider exercise unnecessary. Low levels of physical activity are intrinsically linked to mental health challenges, loneliness, and learning outcomes. Active gaming, with solutions like iWall and cycloBEAT, has the remarkable ability to motivate passive children to become more active and experience improved well-being. Adding fun attractions that boost agility, cardiovascular endurance, and core strength is a long-term investment for both kids’ well-being and the venue’s profitability.



Active gaming isn’t just about exercise; it’s a means to a healthier, more active, and happier life for our children and teens while simultaneously combating a lack of movement and enhancing well-being over the long term. By embracing the fun, joy, and entertainment of active gaming, FEC operators can provide families with exciting ways to move more, break down sedentary barriers, and pave the way for a healthier future filled with laughter while ensuring the long-term well-being of our younger generations.


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