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Dragon Rush

Dragon Rush offers a unique blend of fun and effective training. In this game, players collect diamonds while flying at high speed as a dragon, using non-motorized treadmills to adjust the dragon’s flight height. This engaging activity enhances players’ reaction speed and coordination as they adjust their pace to collect the most diamonds before reaching the finish line. With three difficulty levels, Dragon Rush ensures a challenging experience for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts, making workouts not just productive but also thrilling



Checkpoint Race

In the Checkpoint Race, fitness enthusiasts test their endurance and speed against the clock. The game starts with a set time limit, but players can extend their time by successfully passing through checkpoints. During certain intervals, time pauses, allowing a brief recovery period for strategizing the next burst of energy. The objective is to cross the finish line before time runs out, with points awarded based on distance covered and remaining time.

Checkpoint Race offers three distance options – 500m, 1000m, and 2000m – each with three levels of difficulty catering to different fitness goals: easy for brisk walking, medium for light jogging, and hard for intense running. This structure provides a scalable challenge, making the game ideal for everyone from casual walkers to serious runners, ensuring a versatile and dynamic workout experience.

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