tapWall 3.0 - activates body and mind

tapWall is a touch screen product with games suitable for the youngest members of the family. It is a fun and engaging addition for hotels & resorts!




tapWall is effortless for kids to use. tapWall includes various touch screen-based games that keep the youngest kids entertained for hours. Parents can have peace of mind on their holiday knowing their little ones are having fun and engaging in physical activity in a safe and controlled environment. tapWall fits in extremely small spaces and installing needs no renovations!

Benefits for owners

tapWall has been designed keeping the youngest family members in mind. It is compact and takes up little floor and wall space. tapWall is ideal for toddler areas and other kinds of kids’ play areas. tapWall can be left unattended and it requires zero staff!

benefits for users

tapWall provides intuitive and engaging entertainment for hours. Different games can be played alone or together with friends or family members. Games activate the upper body and develop multiple skills, such as reaction speed, eye-hand coordination, and memory.

tapWall teaches social skills while kids play games and take care of a virtual pet called Fluffy together!

Compact Size

tapWall is very compact and takes up very little floor and wall space (approx. 2m2 / 6.5 x 6.5 feet).

Fun to do together

tapWall offers meaningful entertainment and activities for kids of all ages. You can play all the games alone or together with friends or family members.

Suitable for users with disabilities

tapWall has content that is suitable for users with disabilities. It provides cognitive exergaming experiences for all.

Technical Specifications

tapWall 3.0 consists only of two parts: a touch screen and a stand. There is no need for renovations as pieces can be installed instantly. tapWall stand is also available with motoric adjustable height.

tapWall is very compact and takes up very little floor and wall space, approximately 2 m2 (6.5 x 6.5 feet). 

New game content and feature updates are downloaded automatically. Staff can change content with the click of a mouse and keep customers engaged and active.

tapWall turns on in the morning and off in the evening automatically. This can be adjusted from CSE Partner Portal.

tapWall supports languages: English, French and Finnish.

No renovation is needed! tapWall needs just a floor space, a power socket, and an internet connection. 

Users can play with tapWall without supervision as the games have been designed to be as easy to play as possible. tapWall gives its users instructions if needed.

Global next business day support is available in 170 countries. For urgent matters, we also offer remote support during normal business hours (UTC +2).

Apart from having tapWall as an addon activity or usable with the admission fee of the holiday destination it can also be monetized with various industry standard card readers. 

tapWall can be taped to match your brand using desired colors, icons etc. However, the tapWall logo must be kept visible and stay the same size and location as in the pictures on this site. 


tapWall is suitable for children over 3 years. It has also content that is suitable for users with disabilities.

tapWall develops skills such as reaction speed, eye-hand coordination, and memory. It also teaches social skills as you play games and take care of Fluffy together!

tapWall is home to a virtual pet named Fluffy whom you can dress up, accessorize, feed, and take care of. With Fluffy, you can also play basketball! You can buy food, clothing, and furniture with the game money you get by playing different tapWall games.

tapWall contains nine different games at the moment. New content is developed actively and updated regularly to keep content fresh and always engaging!

Playing tapWall is very easy – no need for a supervisor! tapWall gives its users instructions if needed.

tapWall GAMES

tapWall includes games that develop reaction speed, coordination, memory, cognitive skills and more. Games require zero staff or wearables, fun and easy in the same package. It is also very inclusive and suitable for users with disabilities. New content is continually being developed to keep reoccurring visitors inspired and motivated. 

“The new games are really neat and the kids love the Drone Delivery game especially!”

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