iWall Arcade for Hospitality

Make it memorable.

We wanted to freshen up and modernize the youth club, and  iWall has definitely found its place here.

Holiday Club Katinkulta

How could iWall Arcade boost your customer satisfaction?

With iWall Arcade you can create experiences for families during the whole holiday. 

According to research, a child’s holiday experience is more of a physical experience than a mental experience. Active experiences are related thus to a lot of children’s holiday memories. 

It's also well known that different activities give a sense of success for families. This raises families’ expectations of the overall success of the holiday. Families especially look for time and activities together on a family holiday. But, the parents also feel the need for alone time.  

An activity located near the restaurant serves a variety of purposes and makes a relaxing restaurant visit. Parents can finish their breakfast in peace when the children play after eating. A family activity placed in the children’s play corner offers meaningful pastimes for all ages for the whole day. iWall Arcade is also equitable and sensory-friendly experience for people with impairments and disabilities.

Engaging game content

Game content is interesting for both both boys and girls, kids and teenagers.

Not the usual

Fits all ages and most of iWall games are suitable for customers with disabilities.

New entertainment without renovation

Needs only 2.7 x 3.3 m (9 x 11 feet) space and no need for renovation.


Game content on iWall always makes people smile. The mechanics of games reinforce experiences and reward players for every performance. We aim to make your guests smile!


We produce completely new and unforeseen exergaming technology to the hospitality industry. Exergaming gets the benefits of both ‘exercise’ and ‘gaming’: it’s diverse, fun, rewarding, and social. With one product you can provide hours of entertainment in a small space!


Technical Specifications

iWall Arcade is a complete solution with big screens and a motion sensor. Screens are covered with tempered safety glass and the cabinet structure is aluminum. We are official DELL OEM partner since 2016. 

Turn-key delivery and installation: no renovation needed. One normal power socked needed, all voltage grids are supported 100-240V 50/60Hz. 

New game content and feature updates are downloaded automatically. Staff can change content with the click of a mouse and keep recurrent visitors engaged.

Global next business day support is available in 170 countries. Remote support in English is available for fast support. 

iWall Arcade supports multiple languages: English, Finnish, French, German, Italian and Japanese. 

An intuitive user interface is designed for autonomical usage, No touching or controllers are needed. No need for supervisors or staff to operate.