iWall for Airports

Entertain passengers nonstop.

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"We are very satisfied with our iWall which we rent, and we are convinced that it has affected our customer satisfaction critically."

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

+120.000 Annual Players

How could iWall boost your customer satisfaction?

We’ve recognized with our clients how important it’s to emphasize hygiene, well-being, and bodily comfort in services. iWall fits perfectly with all expected!

iWall makes waiting time fun and beneficial. Travelers can burn off excess energy before a long flight or stretch their bodies after sitting too long – maybe even relieve the fear of flying.

iWall is alluring for people of all ages, which makes it stand out from other attractions. It’s equitable and sensory-friendly experience for people with impairments and disablities. And playing is just as fun with strangers as it is with family and friends. With iWall, time will fly!

Engaging game content

iWall provides something for everyone - regardless of gender, ability, and age.

Not the usual

iWall provides innovative entertainment: passengers can challenge the body diversely and refreshes the mind.


Interacting with iWall is entirely based on the body movements of the player, which are monitored by a motion sensor. The product does not rely on a touchscreen or other controls.


Social distancing may oblige airports to redesign their lounges and raise demand for small relaxation rooms. iWall is very compact and needs 9 x 11 feet (2.7 x 3.3 m ) space. Installing iWall requires no renovation.  

With iWall, there’s no more boredom at waiting for a flight!


Boost engagement with passengers and non-passenger in an increasingly innovative way. iWall can be part of a gaming lounge or a refreshing spot in the hall.

Technical Specifications

iWall is a complete solution with big screens and a motion sensor. Screens are covered with tempered safety glass and the cabinet structure is aluminum. We are official DELL OEM partner since 2016. 

iWall supports multiple languages: English, Finnish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and German.

New game content and feature updates are downloaded automatically. Staff can change content with the click of a mouse and keep recurrent visitors engaged.

Global next business day support is available in 170 countries. Remote support in English is available for fast support. 

Turn-key delivery and installation: no renovation needed. One normal power socked needed, all voltage grids are supported 100-240V 50/60Hz. 

An intuitive user interface is designed for autonomical usage, No touching or controllers are needed. No need for supervisors or staff to operate.