Customer support

Common issues & solutions

Try different payment methods or cards.

  • If you tried contactless payment, try chip payment: insert the card into the chip reader underneath the payment terminal.
  • Try with another card or purchase the prepaid game card from the front desk.

The payment transaction may also be cancelled due to too many contactless payments in a row or due to insufficient funds.

In most cases, only the “preauthorization” is reserved on the customer’s card, but this will automatically be returned to the customer’s account within a few banking days.  

However, it is important to send transaction details;

  • location
  • the first four and last four digits of the payment card
  • the transaction time

Please send these details to our support

CSE will refund the lost fund in this case directly to the customer’s credit card.

The payment terminal may malfunction, or it is out of power for some reason.

Possible malfunction is occurring if you see CASH ONLY text on the payment terminal screen

If any other problem occurs, please contact support as soon as possible by email