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About Us

CSE was founded in 2012 to develop the world’s best exergaming products. The roots of our company are in university and college projects, where we developed and researched the use of exergaming for different user groups, e.g. in the health centers and hospital environments and in the service housing units.

We soon found that exergames are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender, and skills, and provide experiences of success even for those who have not had them from exercise before. Our products bring joy and increase exercising and positive social encounters.

We are known around the world as a pioneer in products that combine exercise and games. We already operate in more than 45 countries and have sold our products for more than € 9M. Our 6 exergame and rehabilitation products, including rehabWall designed for rehabilitation, have inspired and moved millions of people around the world.

The design and development of rehabWall began in 2017 when the product was developed together with therapists from the demanding rehabilitation department of the Kajaani Health Center. When rehabWall was completed, it was immediately introduced in the demanding rehabilitation department of the Kajaani Health Center. Product development has continued in collaboration with them and several other health experts to this day.

We provide therapists with a tool to help them provide meaningful and motivating rehabilitation. At the same time, therapists have more time to focus on supporting and guiding the patient through the exercise. Read more

Management team

Veli-Matti Nurkkala

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Kaisa Ottavainen-Nurkkala

Kaisa Ottavainen-Nurkkala 

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Juha Kauppinen

Juha Kauppinen 

Sales Director 
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Our Services

Our services are used widely in family entertainment, fitness, education, and rehabilitation. We bring joy and movement for millions of people around the world!


What impact we make?

We aim to move and increase the well-being of different types of people, regardless of age, gender, and ability. Exercise has not only an effect on improving physical fitness, but also a connection to atmosphere, social relationships, and motivation.


We offer entertaining exercise experiences and a sense of strength and ability to everyone, children and seniors alike. Our games are designed to bring a sense and feeling of success to everyone.

Joy of movement

Joy is the most motivating feeling people can bring to the people around them. Through entertaining exercise, we provide activities where the joy of the movement unites people.

Around the globe

We have been providing exergaming products since 2012 and operate in more than 45 countries around the globe. By 2025, our products and services will have provided more than 400 million exergame sessions worldwide.

Ready to make an impact that moves?